What We Do

WaveWell works with like-minded partners to ensure that we utilize economical and ethically sourced materials to accomplish our mission. We have established partnerships that have proven to be reliable and lean when it comes to creating fresh water and blue energy for the communities we serve.

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Programs & Services

Water and Energy Research and Development Initiative

Research & Development (R&D) is at the core of the hydro-kinetic energy field today. R&D at WaveWell looks at different delivery systems for water and energy technology in differing ecosystems. Ultimately, the goal of this initiative will be to take an exploratory view of the current methods used for water filtration and energy production to better inform our work plan and methodology for innovation and development. 

Education and Resources 

We will be developing and providing webinars and on-demand videos for those interested in wave energy and ecosystem health.

Natural Disaster Relief

Our Fund will immediately support people identified by local staff, local hospital and healthcare partners, as well as, disaster response agencies at no cost. This may include providing clean water, hygiene essentials, safe sleeping arrangements, take home filter kits for clean water for people being discharged from hospitals, transportation, and hotel stays for displaced parents with children, and much more.