Disaster Relief Fund

It is not IF a natural disaster could strike, it’s when. Rebuilding broken communities, infrastructure, and re-implementing basic services takes tremendous effort, time and human capacity.

WaveWell is the leading organization for fresh water and energy for wellness around the globe. We are uniquely positioned to launch our mobile response efforts to respond to natural disasters through our Disaster Relief Fund.

Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma caused catastrophic damage leaving the affected communities completely displaced and without basic supplies. Families were left with no power or worse, no homes to return to and so much more. During the heavy rains, flooding, power outages and gale-force winds, we asked ourselves what more WaveWell can do to support those going through tragedy.

WaveWell has created the WaveWell Disaster Relief Fund to support the immediate and longer-term health, safety and material needs of people impacted by natural disasters. Powered by the collective giving community, expertise in the field of disaster relief and resources, as well as our local staff and volunteers and a national network of partners – we are working to ensure every person has access to basic human needs in the eye of any storm.

The Challenge

Due to flooding, power outages and infrastructure damage, partners in disaster areas have asked us to support local relief and recovery efforts on the ground.

Our Solution

All donations to the WaveWell Disaster Relief Fund will support the immediate and ongoing relief efforts for people impacted by natural disasters.

Funds will be used to immediately support the material needs of those in need identified by local staff, local hospital and healthcare partners, as well as, disaster response agencies. This may include, but is not limited to providing clean water; hygiene essentials; safe sleeping arrangements; take home filter kits for clean water for people being discharged from hospitals; transportation and hotel stays for displaced parents with children; and much more, to include energy restoration.

Once initial relief work is complete, this fund will support longer-term recovery efforts run by local, vetted organizations responding to this disaster.

Long-Term Impact

We live in the communities that we support and partner with a range of local organizations. We believe that our partner-based approach allows us to better assess the needs of people impacted by natural disasters while helping to prepare local partners to respond to the immediate needs after disaster strikes.