About Us

Problems Worth Solving

Water is a basic human need and is imperative to our existence. Water does not see color, gender, ability or status.  It does not discriminate, but without clean water, the health of the planet and the human race are at great risk. Oceans hold 97% of the Earth’s water resources, with the additional 3% being fresh water primarily held in the melting ice caps and glaciers. 99% of the Earth’s water is not suited for human consumption in its natural state.  WaveWell is looking to change that.

Since the 1970’s, the green movement has been successful in bringing awareness to multiple reduce/reuse/recycle campaigns and we’re just scratching the surface with alternative energy sources. There are several NGO’s on the ground in developing countries that are skilled at drilling wells that unfortunately run dry after a few months. They also provide water filters and rainwater containment systems on a very small and individual scale.

At WaveWell, we work to provide fresh water and energy for a much larger footprint than what other’s currently serve. Whether it’s along a coastline or rivers; where there’s a flow, there’s a solution with WaveWell.

WaveWell challenges people across the planet to re-imagine green energy and consider blue powered impact.


Our Solution

Working together with our partners, WaveWell is able to produce fresh, potable water to be used for human consumption, better hygiene practices in developing countries, water resources for the agriculture community struck by drought, and a stand-in solution for broken infrastructure after natural disasters or contamination.

The technology is proven and proprietary to our managing partners in blue energy, and we are able to produce not only fresh, potable water; but energy and hydrogen simultaneously and at a much higher output than anyone else in the water energy arena. This has been proven and documented through our R&D efforts to date and we look to continue expanding on these global innovations.


Our Advantages

WaveWell’s key advantages over others in clean water work is that our solutions tackle water and energy at a much lower cost versus what a well is able to produce before it runs dry. WaveWell’s solutions are longer lasting, sustainable and scale-able.