Transforming global expectations of health through water and energy.


blue energy impact

We’ve all heard about green energy and protecting our planet’s natural resources for the better part of five decades. Ecosystems in crisis make headline news almost every day. The environmental movement has changed laws and raised awareness about the crumbling infrastructure in developed countries around the world. No one should go without access to fresh, potable water or without access to basic utilities. WaveWell is moving from green to blue energy alongside our partners to provide water and energy security across the globe.


macro water solutions

On a planet that is mostly covered by saltwater, human consumption requires reverse osmosis filtration to make seawater safe for drinking, cooking, basic hygiene and daily living. While this sounds simple on the surface, the reality is that filtration of water to ensure it’s safe requires highly pressurized water flow and expensive equipment that is able to produce the amount needed for families or farmers or ecosystems to benefit from the end result. WaveWell’s work is designed to simplify the filtration process at a higher quality and reduced costs through blue energy so it makes sense at a macro level.


growing global crisis

Water scarcity is already affecting people on every continent in the world. The United Nations projects that by 2025, two-thirds of everyone in the world will live in water stressed conditions and almost 2 billion people will live in areas with absolute water scarcity. As the world’s population grows exponentially, so does the concern for water security. We must act now.


transforming economic standards

Reliable sources of clean water and utilities allow people to dramatically improve their health, economic situation, and educational opportunities. When people don’t have regular access to clean water, little else matters besides finding water for you and your family to drink. Until everyone has access to clean water, the cycle of poverty will inevitably continue.

children die every day due to water related diseases
of all freshwater is used for agriculture production
million people live without reliable access to clean water
billion economic impact from water related health issues